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Holding Negligent Truckers And Their Companies Responsible

Even if your passenger vehicle is an SUV or a pickup truck, it is no match for a semi or multiple axle truck in a collision. Trucking accidents are among the deadliest motor vehicle accidents in New York and in many cases, these types of crashes are the most preventable.

When truck drivers or their companies ignore industry regulations or road safety laws, they put all drivers at risk. For over 30 years, Steve Shulman has helped personal injury victims hold at-fault parties responsible for carelessness or negligence. Our team at the Law Office of Steven Shulman is ready to hold these parties to account so that you receive damages for your injuries.

Ignoring Your Safety Puts Your Life At Risk

New York and U.S. Department of Transportation have safety rules that apply to large trucks. However, truck drivers and their employers often violate these rules to make deliveries faster and cheaper.

Most trucking accidents are caused by safety violations, including:

  • Driving for too long without a rest break
  • Not maintaining trucks or equipment
  • Overloading trucks
  • Unqualified or unsafe truck drivers
  • Speeding to keep to a delivery schedule

Whether your injuries were caused by a reckless driver or a negligent trucking company, you have a right to pursue compensation for this preventable accident.

Working With A Skilled Attorney Is Critical

After an accident with a truck, it is critical to hire a lawyer as soon as possible to collect and preserve evidence of driver and trucking company safety violations. Trucking companies are required to carry large insurance policies, often above one million dollars. However, with so much money at stake, they will do almost anything to minimize their liability by shifting blame to you.

We know the stakes are high and time is critical when we take your case. We act quickly to secure information that establishes liability and strengthens your claim. If the at-fault party refuses to offer you a fair settlement, attorney Shulman will take your case to court. He has decades of trial experience that he uses to get the results you deserve.

Get A Strong Legal Ally On Your Side

Contact our Melville office today to see how we can help. We offer free initial consultations and do not charge legal fees unless we win your case. Email our team or call 631-910-5100 to arrange your appointment today.