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Fighting For Full Compensation After Your Motorcycle Accident

As a motorcyclist for over 40 years – Steve’s current ride is a Harley Street Glide – Steven Shulman is well aware of the risks bikers take every time they get on their motorcycle.

In New York, no-fault insurance will pay for a car accident victim’s medical bills. If you ride a motorcycle, however, treatment for your injuries is not covered by no-fault insurance. You could be financially responsible for all your medical bills and other costs if you don’t take legal action.

At the Law Office of Steven Shulman, our team is equipped to advocate for you after a motorcycle accident. Our founding attorney, Steve Shulman, has successfully represented thousands of hurt New Yorkers throughout his legal career. He uses the law to get maximum compensation for the motorcycle accident injuries you’ve suffered and may struggle to rehabilitate in the future.

Common Causes Of Wrecks

You’re a responsible rider. You follow the rules of the road because you know that ignoring them can have fatal results. The majority of motorcycle wrecks are caused by car and truck drivers who don’t look for motorcyclists.

Their inattentiveness can cause them to:

  • Make left turns in front of bikers
  • Clip motorcyclists when they are shifting lanes
  • Fail to yield to motorcycles at intersections
  • Collide with motorcycles at traffic stops

Motorcyclists can’t rely on the safety features that cars offer. As a result, even a slow speed accident or a light bump from behind can have life-changing and expensive consequences.

We Move Quickly To Protect Your Claim

After your accident, the at-fault driver may appear sorry and promise to provide an honest account of the collision. His or her story may change over time; however, as the negligent driver tries to shift the blame to you.

When you work with our personal injury team, we act swiftly to build a strong claim. We move quickly to collect and preserve evidence of the driver’s liability. We don’t expect insurance providers to offer full compensation; we fight for it.

Get Started Today

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