What you should know about subway safety

| Apr 9, 2021 | Personal Injury

People typically think of riding the subway as a safer alternative to driving. However, riding on the subway is not without some element of risk. 

Passengers have sustained serious injuries while riding the subway. Here are some things that you should know about the most common ways that subway accidents happen. 


A derailment can cause severe injuries to many people at once, which makes it one of the most serious types of accidents. It can occur above ground or in a tunnel. 

Derailment can happen as the result of driver error. Taking a turn too fast or stopping suddenly can cause a train to come off the tracks. Also, large objects or debris on a track could derail a train. 

Doors closing on a person

Subway car doors that are closing will not always reopen if a passenger is still in the process of getting on or getting off the car. If the doors close and trap a person, he or she could get stuck in the door when the car starts to move. There have been several incidents in which a moving car dragged a passenger. 

Sudden stops

An unexpected movement can cause passengers to sustain a serious injury with long-term consequences. A hard brake can easily cause passengers to lose their balance. Seated passengers may fall forward off of their seats. Standing passengers may fall to the ground, even if they were holding onto a rail. 

Using the subway is a convenient way to get around the city. Nevertheless, passengers need to be aware of the risks.