Communicating with your employer after an injury

| Apr 5, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

One of the most important things you can do when you suffer an injury at work is to communicate with your employer. Reporting your version of events, your concerns and updates throughout your recovery can protect you from ongoing problems.

Your employer should show interest in your situation and immediately begin an investigation into your accident.

Statute of limitations

Even if you have undisputed evidence that your injury happened at work, you have a limited period of time in which you can report your injury. If you allow the statute of limitations to expire, you may lose eligibility for workers’ compensation. Depending on the severity of your injury, you may need medical attention right away. After you receive help with your injuries, immediately notify your employer of what happened.

Your employer should document all of the information you share with them in a secured file. According to, you have the right to view copies of your records. You can also ask to see the injury and illness log for your employer to verify that your situation is not the result of negligence and reckless behavior.

Returning to work

Maintaining contact with your employer throughout your recovery can show your desire to return to work. You should update your employer on improvements to your condition. You can ask about transitional work.

If your injury will take a significant time to heal, you and your employer can collaborate to identify modified responsibilities to allow you to resume working as soon as possible. An effective workers’ compensation plan will provide you with resources to aid in your transition back into the workplace following your injury.