What are some common signs of a concussion?

| Feb 3, 2021 | Construction Accidents

After an accident in a construction site, you may suffer injuries that fail to show obvious symptoms at first glance. Knowing the common signs of a concussion can help you prevent a worse issue from occurring.

Memory problems

According to Mayo Clinic, a foggy mind days or even weeks after the accident is one symptom of a concussion. If you are struggling to remember moments before or after the accident, you may have amnesia. Memory issues are common when you have a head injury, especially in situations where you lost consciousness at some point.

Sensitivity issues

If you find yourself unable to look at bright lights or listen to loud noises without significant discomfort, you may have a concussion. Stumbling around and struggling to stay balanced can also be concussion symptoms and may even lead to further injuries.

Extra sensitivity to these environmental stimuli could stem from something more worrisome than just a lack of sleep or a common headache. In serious cases, you may experience seizures or convulsions after a concussion.

Physical aches and pains

Beams or pieces of metal or wood falling from great distances can catch some workers off guard. If you hit your head, some symptoms may not be obvious directly after the accident.

Blood or other bodily fluids draining from your nose or ears can mean you have a concussion, especially if there are additional feelings of weakness in your legs or other limbs. Multiple instances of vomiting is a common symptom for concussed adults who were in an accident. Staying alert and seeking medical help once you notice any problems can help keep you safe.