Does no-fault insurance cover cyclists?

| Jan 8, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

You may be an avid bicyclist. You may even depend on your bicycle for daily transportation despite your vulnerability to accidents.

In the state of New York, the No-Fault Law applies if you are the victim of a car-bike collision. How does this insurance coverage work and what does it cover?

About the No-Fault Law

New York is one of just a few states that provide no-fault car insurance. If a motor vehicle strikes you while you are riding your bike, you can file a claim with the negligent driver’s insurance to cover your medical expenses.

However, you must meet certain conditions. For example, the accident must have occurred in New York and the driver who struck you must have coverage under the New York No-Fault Law, which excludes motorcycle riders.

Serious injuries

No-fault insurance covers severe injuries and any that result in permanent damage, such as broken bones, permanent impairment of a limb or organ, substantial limitation of a body function or full disability for at least 90 days. This kind of insurance does not cover pain and suffering, but it is not the only kind of coverage that is available to you.

Appropriate compensation

Keep in mind that the rules pertaining to no-fault insurance continue to change. When filing a claim, you may feel more comfortable with an advocate at your side who understands this kind of coverage and keeps up with updates in relevant legislation and personal injury statutes.

The bottom line is that, as a bicyclist and crash victim, you have a right to pursue financial resources and expect full and fair compensation for any injuries you might sustain.