Yonkers collision claims 5 lives

| Dec 8, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents

Stories of car accidents in New York are certainly not uncommon, emphasizing the point that local drivers face the risk of experiencing an accident every time they get behind the wheel. Thankfully, most people strive to be responsible drivers at all times, making driving on the state’s roads and highways relatively safe.

The common assumption is that if people follow safe driving practices, they will be able to avoid car accidents. Yet people cannot account for the reckless and dangerous actions of others. Sadly, the consequences of those actions can be catastrophic.

Mount Vernon man fleeing from police kills four teens

This fact was on full display in an accident that recently occurred in Yonkers. According to NBC News, law enforcement authorities attempted to pull over a man driving erratically. The man fled from the scene and accelerated to dangerous speeds before entering into an intersection and colliding with another vehicle. The four teens traveling in that vehicle died in the collision. The driver sustained serious injuries in the accident, which eventually proved fatal.

Compensation following a fatal accident

While the responsible party in this case will not face criminal charges due to their death, accident victims in such a scenario can still seek compensation to try and mitigate the financial impact their losses will have on them. That compensation may come from the responsible party’s estate.

Taking such action can be a complicated process. Those looking to do so may wish to first consult with an experienced legal professional to discuss their options.