How often do fall accidents occur in different industries?

| Sep 23, 2020 | Construction Accidents, Workers' Compensation

Long Island workers like you deserve a work environment where you feel safe. You should have the ability to go to work and not worry for your health or face concerns about your own physical safety. In most cases, workplace rules and regulations help lower the potential risk you may otherwise face at work.

But in some cases, accidents still happen. Often, workplace injuries can result from falling on the job, which can usually be prevented by exercising proper caution.

What are the main causes for falls?

The National Safety Council provided detailed information on fall incidents in 2016. While almost all of these incidents are preventable, they still occur in large numbers. Some of the most common reasons for falls include:

  • Old or broken equipment not being replaced to cut costs
  • A lack of emphasis on safety training in the workplace
  • Employers who value speed over safety
  • Misusing equipment or using it for a purpose it was not intended for

How do fall statistics compare across different industries?

Many industries suffer from these sorts of incidents. Construction often gets a lot of heat due to the fact that they have the highest rate of fatalities, but they are not the only ones to blame. In fact, the construction industry does not even have the highest rate of overall injuries.

The highest rate of injuries in a given industry goes to government jobs, which had a reported annual total of 63,350 injuries and 44 deaths in 2016. By comparison, the construction industry had 24,700 injuries and 384 deaths.

On the other end, the industry with the lowest number of injuries was wholesale trading. Workers there suffered 10,250 injuries and 21 deaths. The industry with the lowest number of total deaths was education and health services, with 18 deaths and 43,660 injuries.