What conditions make construction a dangerous industry?

| Aug 25, 2020 | Construction Accidents

While there are obvious safety concerns on most construction job sites, other potential dangers might not be as noticeable. SafeStart explains that some problems might not even be immediately identified as a hazard by construction workers.

One such example is poor communication. When people on a construction site do not communicate clearly, it can quickly lead to accidents and injuries. All it takes is one seemingly small misunderstanding to lead to a serious incident. Here are a couple more dangers to consider.

Employee turnover

High turnover is common in the construction industry, and with turnover comes new employees. While some new hires may be industry veterans, many of them are not. Not only do these workers often lack vital skills, they also may not have gone through all proper safety training.

Without comprehensive safety training or familiarity with general job site protocol, the presence of new employees can potentially lead to deadly mistakes. Stable employment allows teams to become familiar with each other on the job and garner real-world experience, making work accidents much less likely.

Unidentified risks

Most construction workers pay attention to the obvious dangers surrounding them on a job site, but those dangers can be hard to ignore and thereby easy to avoid. It is the risks that exist in the field that are not so clear that pose the most harm.

Normal, seemingly innocuous problems that workers might see on a daily basis can get overlooked, such as a gap in flooring or a potential electrical issue that isn’t actively causing any issues at the moment. However, while they might not seem overly dangerous, these sorts of problems are some of the biggest risks and can lead to the most serious injuries.

Because workers can become desensitized to these minor issues and let their guards down, they create a higher chance of someone suffering an injury. For employees in the construction industry, it can be incredibly important to approach every single risk carefully, no matter how small it may seem.